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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: My wheels are in good condition except several kerb marks some of which are deep, can you eradicate these?
A: Yes... we are able to weld-in new aluminium to eradicate deep loss of metal or sculpture the area if possible.

Q: One of my wheels is bubbling and peeling, can you fix this?
A: Yes... It’s usually corrosion which has lifted the paint and Lacquer, all wheels are stripped back to bare metal and recoated, the thick powder coat will fill most of the pitting, although some require additional work and costs.

Q: I have a set of split rim alloys which have coloured spokes and a polished outer rim, can you restore these?
A: Yes... We welcome all types of wheels from all types of vehicle and can offer many finishes.

Q: One of my wheels has cracked, can you repair this?
A: Yes we offer a fully qualified aluminium welding repair service, which is crack tested.

Q: My Alloy wheels are in poor condition and a new set is very expensive.
A: No Problem... we can restore your wheels for a fraction of the cost of buying new ones.

Q: I would like to change the colour of my alloy wheels from silver to Matt Black, is this possible?
A: Yes...we can refinish your wheels in a range of powder coating colours.

Q: All my tyres are worn and my wheels are kerb damaged, can you refurbish them and supply and fit new tyres?
A: Yes...We offer full tyre removal, fitting and balancing services and can supply new tyres of your choice or our recommendation for you.


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